5 Natural Remedies For Pink Eye Infection

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Photo By: Mommypotamus

There are three types of pink eye, and it’s important to determine which kind you have prior to any treatment.

3 Types Of Pink Eye

Viral Pink Eye
Bacterial Pink Eye
Allergy Pink Eye

Based on the information and research provided my Mommypotamus, all forms of pink eye can be treated naturally, with one exception: Allergy pink eye that is caused by chemicals. This type requires immediate flushing with water and then an immediate call to the doctor. Because bacterial and viral forms of pink eye are highly contagious, it’s important to have a way of treating it readily available. Read more from Mommypotamus at the link below for a list of the five natural treatments you can use at home to treat pink eye infections. The treatments are explained in detail along with research to support each.

Instructions For 5 Natural Remedies For Pink Eye Infection

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