5 Kitchen Tips That Will Rock Your World

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Photo by: Davehax.com

Don’t you just love kitchen tips? For many of us, we just can’t get enough help in the kitchen because we want the most healthy and delicious meals in the quickest amount of time. We gravitate toward kitchen tips and “hacks” to make our time preparing meals most efficient, so we can move on to all the other things we’ve got going in our hectic lives. Admittedly, the title of this post is a bit over the top, especially if you’re an experienced cook. For the novice out there, we think you’ll appreciate Dav Hax’s five kitchen tips.

Dave Hax’s Kitchen Tips

– How to recycle, repurpose, and save money with spices
– How to create your own free storage containers
– How to make sure your pots never boil over
– How to light a tricky gas stove and never burn your fingers (or anything else!)
– The best way to use a cookbook in the kitchen so it’s easy to read and never gets stained

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