5 Fishing Techniques To Ensure Survival

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Fishing can be one of the most relaxing and fun activities for nearly any time of the year. Most of us fish for a hobby, or just for fun. Sometimes you catch them, and sometimes you don’t, that’s just the way it goes. But, what if you relied on your fishing techniques for survival? Are you confident in your ability to put a sufficient amount of meat on the table? Or, would you be going hungry more often than not?

Several species of fish swim in the waters near you and likely, many of them share the same diet; however, they may feed at different times and hang out at different depths. Sometimes, it’s just not as simple as throwing a line in the water, with hook and a worm. So, how do you know when to fish, how deep to fish, what to fish for, or what to use for bait? What are the best ways to increase your odds of coming away with a sufficient haul?

We’ve tracked down a fairly comprehensive tutorial that can walk you through the process of learning 5 fishing techniques that will make all the difference if it ever came down to survival. When it comes to the actual fish, it is common knowledge that bass, small mouth and large mouth, are aggressive and territorial fish. This aggressive behavior is one of the reasons why you’ll often see professional fishers on the television shows using lures that reflect sunlight, or make lots of noise in the water. These lures (mostly used in shallow waters) trigger the aggressive nature of the fish and spark a (usually violent) response. Commonly referred to as game fish, for that reason, bass are some of the most sought after fish in fresh water. But, what works for a bass won’t work as well for your common catfish.

While catfish have been known to strike some game fish lures, such as spinner baits, and crank baits, the odds of catching one using this technique are slim to none. However, one of the most common baits for catfish is chicken livers bought from your local meat deli, and the basic rule of thumb is the smellier, the better. You won’t have to stop at bass and catfish. If you want to keep your belly full in the event that you come to rely on your angling skills for your everyday nutrients.

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5 Fishing Techniques To Ensure Survival

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