49 Brilliant Uses For Your Smartphone Camera

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Many people with a smartphone that runs Android or iOS can have various apps installed. However, there are options found on a smartphone that are built-in that can be used for various applications. One of the most versatile options available to you is the smartphone camera.

Many people may be familiar with the smartphone camera when it is used with Facetime, Skype, or other video communication programs. However, you may be surprised to learn that there are a number of additional ways to use the camera on your device. One helpful tip before diving into the world of smartphone cameras is that it’s smart to find a way to keep your pictures secure. The best way to accomplish this is to install some type of “locker” app that is password-protected. If you want to use your smartphone camera but find that space on your device is limited, consider using Dropbox or another cloud-based storage app.

As for using the camera itself, people who buy a lot of items online often use a credit card. This can be a tedious process as you have to remove the cards from your wallet or purse to obtain the necessary numbers. Technology now offers you an alternative. If you use the smartphone camera on your device, you can catalog all your credit cards and their respective numbers. This is a great way to enter credit card information into an accessible format so that all you will need to do is look at the picture on your device.

You can also consider how your smartphone camera can help you work through everyday errands (use your smartphone camera to take a picture of a recipe before heading to the grocery store to buy items) or shopping (take a picture of your tailgate dimensions before shopping for furniture) or improve your travel (take pictures of your rental car and license plate so you won’t forget the info).

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49 Brilliant Uses For Your Smartphone Camera

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