45 Ways To Recycle Plastic Bottles

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There are a few facts that everyone needs to know about the consumption and production of plastic bottles to scratch the surface of understanding the effect they have on us and our environment. In the US alone, approximately 1500 water bottles are consumed each second. That’s correct…each second. And this number only reflects the consumption of water bottles, not other plastic bottles used for soda, juice and more. And this number only reflects the consumption within the US, not the rest of the world. That’s a lot of plastic bottles. In fact, it’s almost a number that’s inconceivable.

Furthermore, to produce the US consumption of water bottles alone it takes about 17 million barrels of oil each year. That’s a lot of oil. And according to recent studies, 80% of these water bottles end up in the landfill even with recycling as an option. The problem is that plastic does not biodegrade. It does, however, leach toxins back into the ground and into our water.  Pollution caused from plastics has been linked to health problems such as reproductive issues and cancer. Ouch!

This is our wakeup call. We shouldn’t hit the snooze button any longer. These facts are more than sufficient to prompt us to significantly reduce the manufacturing and consumption of plastic bottles of all kinds.

The solution we are using is tap water. We also like tap water with a (BPA-free) water bottle with a built in filter. You can fill up water practically anywhere with these. The photo below is of the Brita 20 oz. water bottles, and each comes with a replaceable filter. They cost less than $10 per bottle and the replacement filters cost under $7 for a 2-pack. We think this is great investment for us (as our doctors remind us that we need to drink more water and less other junk) and our planet.

We also like recycling the plastic bottles that already exist so they don’t end up in the landfill. We found a great article for inspiration from Architecture Art Design. They provide 45 different can creative ways to repurpose plastic bottles into art or something functional. These are great ideas for your own projects or if you’re searching for inspiration.

45 Ideas To Recycle Plastic Bottles

Source: Treehugger

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