35 Unique Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles

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Photo by: diycozyhome.com

Plastic bottles come in many types and can be used for various applications. Plastic pop bottles provide an ideal product to use around your home if it cannot be returned for a refund or recycled. These are durable to use for various craft projects to make homemade decorations and other functions. You simply need to have a few ideas to reuse plastic bottles around your home.

Some of the ideas to reuse plastic bottles are practical and others may perform a basic function. This is something to contemplate when you do not know what to do with a supply of plastic bottles. There are various types of products that are packaged in basic plastic bottles. Soda pop is one product, but juice is also a product people are likely to purchase.

The ways to reuse plastic bottles may depend on the size of the bottle. If you are wondering about some of the ways a person can use old plastic bottles around the home, then you might just be surprised. Seed starting is a great way to reuse plastic bottles. Young kids can also use a large plastic jug as a way to save coins. The options to use a few plastic bottles around the home is limited only by a person’s creativity and imagination. For example, if you use the right type of plastic bottle, then you can have fun by shooting a fountain in the air.

So have some fun and make use of your pile of plastic bottles with some creative inspiration from diycozyhome.com here…

35 Unique Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles

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