35 Things You Should Make And Not Buy

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It can sometimes be difficult to find new and inventive ways to introduce natural recipes and creative activities into our lives. While buying certain products from the store can be more time and financially efficient, there are some things you should make and not buy the next time that you run out or find yourself in need.

It’s no big secret that homemade items tower above anything that you can purchase from retail stores. Whether that homemade item is a food or hygiene product, or simply something fun and creative, the homemade aspect will often make it healthier and more enjoyable. For example, one of the most popular items that you should make and not buy is a blanket. Making homemade blankets can be a fun and surprisingly easy project for you, your children, or even a night at home with your significant other.

By taking two sections of fabric and a design of your choosing—usually found in craft stores or the craft section of your local department stores—you can lay them on top of one another and cut around the edge of the fabric about 3- to 4-inches deep and 3- to 4-inches apart. Then, you tie the hanging strips of cut fabric from each section together and continue this tactic all the way around the blanket. It’s really that simple. They make great gifts for the family and loved ones, and leave you with a sense of accomplishment that you will not be able to get at the checkout line.

Of course, this one example doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface of things you should make and not buy. In the hunt for more items that would fit this bill, we’ve found an outstanding guide that presents ideas that will inspire you to start making everything from homemade crayons to peanut butter to so many things that can be found in between.

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35 Things You Should Make And Not Buy

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