34 Unexpected Ways Coffee Grounds Can Make Your Life Better

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Preparing various types of foods often results in excess or waste that is usually thrown in the trash. However, there are many ways food waste can make your life better. One thing to keep in mind about food is that most of it is biodegradable. This means food waste can be turned into compost or used as feed for animals. If the waste you have leftover includes coffee grounds, then there are many other possibilities to consider.

One interesting factor about coffee grounds is their high level of acidity. With the acidity at this level, the types of bugs and animals that do not tolerate high acidity will stay away when coffee grounds are used as a barrier. Additionally, most cats and other animals will stay away from the areas where coffee grounds are present. This is the ideal way to use a natural repellent to protect flowers and vegetables in a garden.

Another aspect about coffee grounds is that they can protect metal from rusting. However, it is important to note that you do NOT want to use coffee grounds to protect tools or any silverware. If you have pins for sewing, then use your leftover grounds when making coffee as a pin cushion. One thing to keep in mind is your pins will need to be completely dry for the coffee grounds to be effective.

Many people have a sink with a garbage disposal. One issue that often occurs is the foul odor that a garbage disposal can produce. The smell is often the result of food particles that have not been rinsed or washed down the sink. If you are looking for a natural way to clean your garbage disposal, consider using grounds that are leftover from making coffee as an option.

You can also use coffee grounds as a natural hand cleaner. The grounds will absorb the odor from most types of foods (e.g., garlic) and can offer an exfoliating quality.

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34 Unexpected Uses For Coffee Grounds

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