30 Ways To Earn Extra Money From Your Homestead

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Are you just starting to look into the options to earn some cash that are available by homesteading? whether you live in a rural area or in an urban area, you may be amazed to see there are lots of ways to earn extra money from your homestead.


1. Start raising chickens to sell fresh eggs.

2. Sell a share of the milk from a goat or cow.

3. Harvest the trees on your property to sell firewood.

4. Start a fish farm by Raising Tilapia to sell for extra money.

5. Grow a variety of herbs and vegetables to sell at a local market.

6. Sell fresh fruit from fruit trees, bushes, or a garden.

7. Bake homemade bread to sell at a local market (wheat bread, cinnamon rolls, etc.)

8. Sell homemade jams and jellies for extra money.

9. Raise bees to sell honey for extra money.


10. Farm mushrooms that you can harvest to sell at a local market.

11. Raise chicks that you can sell to neighbors and other homesteaders.

12. Breed milk goats or meat goats to sell to other homesteaders.

13. Raise sheep to harvest wool to sell for extra money.

14. Start a business to board dogs or for pet sitting.

15. Grow pumpkins to sell or can for extra money.

16. Make homemade candles to sell locally or online.

17. Make homemade lotions, soaps, or balms to sell as store-bought alternatives.


18. Take up knitting or sewing to make clothes, blankets, or other items to sell.

19. Make furniture to sell from wood harvested on your property.

20. Learn how to etch wood and create custom signs to sell.

21. Expand your compost pile to make fertilizer to sell for extra money.

22. Build a greenhouse to grow seedlings to sell during the winter.

23. Rent out parts of your property to neighbors to start a vegetable garden.

24. Grow a garden and start a You Pick and Save business.


25. Host a pumpkin tossing event in October to earn extra money.

26. Create a destination for people to rent for weddings or other special events.

27. Raise worms to sell to other homesteaders to use for composting.

28. Raise ducks to harvest for meat and use the feathers to make and sell down clothing.

29. Start a stud service for other breeders by keeping a bull, buck, or ram.

30. Raise turkeys that you can sell for extra money.

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