30 Minute Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls

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Baking is an activity that can be done to make various types of foods. You may like to bake items to have for breakfast or dinner. Others may like to bake to make treats for any special occasion or as a snack. One common item that people often bake at home is bread. Dinner rolls also are an item that you may want to bake. Many recipes to make whole wheat dinner rolls can be found, but may not be simple.

If you are interested in baking whole wheat dinner rolls at home, then a 30-minute recipe is available. A basic recipe will often be faster and result in a product that will taste just as good as recipes which might more time to prepare. Dinner rolls are a great item to have for special meals.

You will need a few items in your kitchen to make whole wheat dinner rolls. A small grinder is necessary if a suitable wheat flour is not available. You need to grind up some white wheat berries to get the flour needed to make a batch of whole wheat dinner rolls. Any missing ingredients are available at the grocery store.

The shape of your whole wheat dinner rolls is based on how they are formed. You might prefer to form rolls in the shape of a square or make them round if you want to bake all your rolls individually. You need use a metal or plastic dough scraper to cut the dough for your rolls.

You should be able to make a batch of whole wheat dinner rolls in less than one-half an hour. The time that is needed might vary based on a few factors. A brush can be used to apply melted butter to add the golden brown exterior that is common for dinner rolls.

Information about making wheat dinner rolls is found on thebusybhomemaker.com here…

30 Minute Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls

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