30 Foods To Regrow From Scraps

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Growing your own food is a great way to save money when it comes times to grocery shop. This means you will only need to have a garden or containers available to grow various plants. This is also a task that will work well by using old mason jars. However, you need to have a supply of seedlings or some seeds to plant to obtain a crop of greens. One solution is to save your scraps to have for foods to regrow.

The foods to regrow at home depend on the scraps you have to reuse. If you are buying organic food at a local grocery store or supermarket, then regrowing plants at home is a great idea. All you will need to do is research how certain types of foods to regrow need to be prepared. This article will tell you that. The next step is to save scraps of food that you may have been throwing away.

You will find the best foods to regrow at home is limited to various fruits, herbs, and vegetables. If you have fresh greens at home, then you need to save the seeds and the ends to prepare to regrow as a source of food. Make sure to follow all the steps that are required for specific types of plants.

One of the easiest foods to regrow at home is garlic, but there are others that are not difficult. You have the option to regrow items from seeds, pits, existing roots, and other pieces. This is a similar process to seed starting that is done before plants are transplanted to a garden.

The foods to regrow from scraps can be planted in containers or in a standard garden. If you want to be self-sufficient, then growing food from existing scraps is an ideal solution for a great start. 

A list of foods to regrow from scraps is found on savebiglivebetter.com here…

30 Foods To Regrow From Scraps

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