3 Ways To Save Money Buying Organic Soaps

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Can you save money buying organic soaps? Buying a natural soap does NOT have to be expensive; so here are 3 easy ways to save money buying organic soaps!

Your Farmer’s Market: Trust In The Product

Save money buying organic soaps from locally owned Farmer’s Markets.

Farmer’s Markets are not just for locally grown foods (which you might already have at home). Sometimes, these local shops offer hand-crafted organic soap. The organic soap found in Farmer’s Markets are one of the cheapest and readily available products anywhere. You will enjoy unique packaging and interesting blends such as Goat’s Milk. These hand-crafted soaps are typically infused with natural extracts which deliver optimal nutrition and benefit to the skin.

Save Trips To The Doctor’s Office

Chemicals in typical commercial soaps may cause skin allergies in the form of rashes and breakouts.

Non-organic soaps are made with synthetic ingredients which can dry, damage, and irritate the skin. Not exactly the smooth, clean sensation promised on the soap’s box! Chemicals known to be harmful to skin include: parabens, fragrances, triclosan, and sulfates. When it comes to the financial “bottom line”, it’s always best to be preventative than reactive, especially if your health is at stake.

Think About Our World

Sustainability can save money in the long run. Toxic chemicals in most commercial soaps eventually go down the drain, into the sewers, and ultimately end up in our oceans. Each ocean is home to billions of sea life creates, most of which are being harmed on a daily basis from residue in commercial soaps (like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate and plastic microbeads used for “exfoliation”).

These toxic chemicals not only cause soap scum (which adds to your cleaning bills), but also jeopardize the quality of life for people around the world. Ecosystems are being affected, sea life is depleting and causing ill-effects for people who depend on ocean life as the center for food and income. Organic soaps do not contain chemicals which are harmful to our ocean life. When it goes down the drain, it degrades naturally and sustainably.

Save money buying organic soaps by visiting local Farmer’s Markets, seeing your doctor less, and saving our world (one step at a time). 

Organic soap, such as castile, are known to be Earth-friendly cleansers. Learn more about the benefits of organic soaps here.


About CastileSoap.com

CastileSoap.com is an organic hand-made collection of natural soaps formulated with Olive Oil and Coconut Oil. CastileSoap.com is a vegan brand offering cruelty free cosmetic products with ZERO sulfates, phthalates, or parabens. Our exclusive face and body collection is perfect for you and our world. With our hand-crafted ingredients, we strive for prosperity in organic skin care and sustainability through organic castile soaps.

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