3 Essential Differences Between Pet Shampoo And Human Shampoo

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Pet shampoo and Human Shampoo are different in many ways, including the amount of sulfates, pH levels, and cost.

Sulfates in Pet Shampoo and Human Shampoo

Sulfates are chemicals added to shampoo and soap to increase lather. Have you ever noticed that pet shampoo does not lather as much as human shampoo? In general, sulfates, such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate are unhealthy for humans and living beings (here’s why). Soap manufacturers add Sulfates to cosmetic products as the abundance of lather is typically perceived as higher quality. This is not true and interestingly enough, pet shampoo typically contains less sulfates than human shampoo as your pet’s skin may be more sensitive to over-drying.

pH levels in Pet Shampoo and Human Shampoo

The Potential Hydrogen (pH) is a scale used to determine the acidity of a liquid solution (or lack there off). A pH number is used. The pH levels range from 0 (very acidic) to 14 (an alkaline). In the middle you have neutral solutions, such as water which hold a pH level of 7. Human blood holds a pH level of 7.4. An average dog has a skin pH level of ~7.5, which is higher than the an average human of ~5.5. This means that most human shampoos will actually dry your dog’s skin. As a result, using human shampoo to bath your dog is not recommended.

Cost of Pet Shampoo VS Human Shampoo

Pet shampoo and human shampoo are not the same. Pet shampoo is more expensive on average. A 16.9 oz. bottle at a pet salon can rage from $15 to $48. So, is there a possible compromise?  Milder soaps, such as all purpose castile soaps or Homestead & Survival’s all purpose DIY liquid soap, are made without any sulfates, preservatives, and contain a higher pH level which may be used as pet shampoo. High lathering shampoo, scented soaps, and anti-bacterial soaps should not be used on pets.


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