3 5-Minute Fresh Herb Salad Dressings

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Photo by: livesimply.me

The use of fresh herbs as ingredients for many recipes is the best way to enhance flavor and provide a healthy alternative to store bought products. One example of a store bought product that often contains various undesirable additives is salad dressing. This is not an issue when you make your own fresh herb salad dressings.

Herbs you grow at home or are store bought can be used to make fresh herb salad dressings. A garden or a few simple containers can be used to grow a variety of herbs at home. The only thing to do is look to see if a special herb is needed for a specific recipe.

A mason jar or any other glass jar is the best container to use for fresh herb salad dressings. This might depend on a personal preference or just the containers that you might have available. You will also need to use a food processor to make a simple homemade dressing.

Instructions to make fresh herb salad dressings are found on livesimply.me here…

3 5-Minute Fresh Herb Salad Dressings

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