27 Survival Uses For Floss

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Photo by: urbansurvivalsite.com

Do you find that you seem to accumulate items that have only one purpose? A good example of an item is dental floss used for dental hygiene. There are many survival uses for floss that you can buy or get (usually free) when you have a semi-annual teeth cleaning. You may be surprised at the uses that are available.

Floss is a versatile product that is great to have during an emergency or disaster. Survival uses for floss include tying or lashing things together and even for fishing. This is a great way to catch your own fish to have for food if you are camping and do not have a fishing pole.

One thing to keep in mind when considering survival uses for floss is the brand of the product. You are using a product that varies from cheap to high-quality. The best floss for survival uses is floss that is like string or similar to fishing line.

A list of survival uses for floss is available on urbansurvivalsite.com here…

27 Survival Uses For Floss

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