25 Ways To Re-Use Your Keurig K-Cups

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Photo by: happyhooligans.ca

First, let us all bow down to the Keurig coffee system…talk about convenience! Pop in one of their ready-to-go cups of ground coffee and presto! you have delicious coffee brewed right before your eyes. Many people love the simplicity of the Keurig system but they run into a real moral dilemma when throwing out all those plastic cups. But wait! Trust the internet and industrious bloggers to save the day. Some of these tips are smart…and the others are just plain genius. Learn to reuse those K-Cups in 25 creative and useful ways. Just wait till you see the K-Cup playing card holder!

Learn how to re-purpose your Keurig K-Cups from happyhooligans.ca here…

25 Ways To Re-Use Your Keurig K-Cups

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