25 Paperclip Survival Ideas

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Many common items that can be purchased by a consumer are capable of being used in ways that were never imagined. One simple item that is often found in many homes and offices is the simple paperclip. This is an item that can be used in more ways than just keeping your papers secured. You can find boxes of paperclips at a local retailer or online in 100-count boxes. Keep that in mind as you discover more about surprising ways you can use a paperclip for survival.

A basic paperclip is essentially a formed piece of metal. If you are in a pinch, then paperclips can offer a way to solve a problem or complete a task. That’s one of the reasons why it is a good idea to have a set of paperclips in a tool box or emergency kit. If you do not have any on hand, then now is the time to get them.

You may have never thought of a paperclip as such a versatile item. Paperclips can be used for a variety of applications depending on the circumstance. Paperclips have been shown to open locks and even a pair of handcuffs. However, have you ever thought to use one as a fishing hook or as an antenna or finger/toe splint. While the options aren’t endless, they are definitely plentiful with this fantastic guide.

One of the best uses for a paperclip is replacing a broken zipper. If the pull tab on a coat or some other garment breaks, then consider attaching a paperclip as a quick and easy replacement. This is just one of many simple ways to use paperclips that also allow you to save money by not having to buy a brand new zipper or pay for a repair.

A paperclip can also be used as a clip for a necktie. This is a great option if you are away on a business trip and do not have a tie clip handy. The best thing about using paperclips as tie clips is you can easily put one in place when at work or just before an important meeting.

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25 Paperclip Survival Ideas

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