25 Homemade Healthy Treats For Chickens

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Your chickens work hard to provide you a source of eggs and maybe even some meat for food. One way to show your appreciation is make your own homemade healthy treats for chickens.

1. Make some fresh oatmeal balls as a healthy treat for your chickens.


photo by fresheggsdaily.com

2. Combine just a few healthy ingredients to make sushi ball treats using this great recipe from Fresh Eggs Daily.

homemade chicken treats sushi balls

Photo by FreshEggsDaily.com

3. Mix fresh fruits and veggies with cottage cheese or yogurt to make a tasty treat for your chickens.


photo by tillysnest.com

4. A superb treat for your chickens is some leftovers from a healthy meal.



5. Farm your own or buy a package mealworms with these instructions to give to your chickens as a healthy treat.


photo by backyardchickens.com

6. A bale of straw is a great item to have to keep chickens from becoming bored.


photo by tillysnest.com

7. Mix some corn with food pellets when feeding your chickens. Non-GMO corn is best.


photo by downthelane.net

8. Watermelon contains a lot of minerals and is a perfect treat for chickens.


photo by hencam.com

9. Make warm water with some blackstrap molasses for cold winter days. Not to much molasses (diarrhea) and make sure the water’s not too hot – just warm – to warm up their little insides.

homemade-healthy-treats-for-chickens using blackstrap molasses

Photo by Amazon

10. Don’t cut those pumpkins up! Just cut a hole in the top large enough for the chickens to get their head through.


Photo by CommunityChickens.com

11. Make a scratch sunflower nut wreath for your chickens for a little holiday flair in the chicken coop. This recipe is sure to be a hit.


Photo by FreshEggsDaily.com

12. Fresh squash from your garden or kitchen scraps can make a delicious treat for chickens.


photo by podgardening.co.nz

13. Well cooked meat scraps on the bones can be served to chickens.  They will pick the bones clean.


photo by urbanfarmonline.com

14. Leftover eggs shells can also be ground up with other pieces of food.


photo by theprairiehomestead.com

15. Make a homemade flock block for your chickens. This is sure to keep them busy, especially in the winter months.


photo by onehundreddollarsamonth.com

16. A healthy chicken treat can be made from ground up pumpkin seeds.


photo by readynutrition.com

17. Make a tasty Molt Meatloaf for your chickens.


photo by fresheggsdaily.com

18. Chickens love sunflower seeds.


photo by sustainableecho.com

19. Fodder is super easy to grow and it’s nutritious for your flock.


photo by fresheggsdaily.com

20. On a hot day, make healthy frozen treats for your chickens to help keep them cool.


photo by muranochickenfarm.com

21. String fresh fruit and vegetables together to create a holiday garland treat.



22. Sprout your own grains for your flock to give them fresh greens even in the winter months.


photo by hensandhoney.wordpress.com

23. Make a cucumber tetherball that works as a healthy treat and a boredom buster.

23. Make fresh cups of frozen blueberries like Mel. Feel free to add additional goodies to the berries.


Photo by Mel @ the_combstead

24. Apples cored and strung together also entertain a flock while serving as a delicious treat.


photo by fresheggsdaily.com

25. How Many Treats Should I Feed My Chicken?

Find out all about how many treats you can feed your chickens and how often you should feed them treats from the folks of FreshEggsDaily.com.  They provide a simple formula and also great information about what you should NOT feed your chickens. Read on here.


Photo by FreshEggsDaily.com

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