24 Smart Uses For Household Items In The Garden

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wePhoto by: empressofdirt.com

We’ve found 24 clever ways to repurpose common household item in the garden from Melissa over at Empress Of Dirt. So, before you have that garage sale or gather a big pile for the local charity, take a close look at everything. Some of those ‘throwaways’ can be used in your garden with surprising and creative results! Do you have broken dishes, binder clips, shower curtain hooks, and old key rings? This is just a small sampling of things you might first think to toss, but can be put to good use in your garden.

Out of Melissa’s creative list for utilizing basic household items in the garden, our favorites are how to use old pantyhose, old glass jars, and bamboo skewers. What are your?

Read the complete list smart ideas that can improve your garden at empressofdirt.net here…

24 Smart Uses For Household Items In The Garden

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