24 Scouting Knots To Know

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Photo by: mentalscoop.com

Do you find that your shoelaces or drawstring on a pair of sweat pants somehow gets into a knot that is time consuming to undo? Knots happen by accident and are also done purposefully depending on the application that is required, like scouting or survival. There are many scouting knots that are available.

Many people may be surprised to know a specific knot can be used for a particular task. The only thing you need to do is research the scouting knots that you can use. You can use a knot to secure any objects or simply be a decorative accessory displayed on a gift.

There are many ways to learn how to tie scouting knots. The hands on approach is the best option as an individual can see exactly what they are doing. All you need is a video or an illustration to know how a particular type of knot is supposed to be tied.

A complete list of scouting knots can be found on mentalscoop.com here…

24 Scouting Knots To Know

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