23 Natural Ways To Repel Insects

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Photo by: bestplants.com

The spring and summer is when many people are outside working in a garden. This might be a garden to grow flowers or various fruits and vegetables. One thing that is often common is the bugs and a variety of other insects. Insects are not only a bother to humans, but they can ruin plants in your garden. There are many natural ways to repel the disruptive insects to your garden or home that do not involve the use of dangerous chemicals.

Treating plants in a garden with chemicals is not a healthy option and is not any way to grow food that is organic. This means natural ways to repel insects isĀ necessary. You have a variety options which may produce the desired results.Ā 

Natural ways to repel insects is not limited to use around your home. You can use any natural methods when out on a picnic or simply taking a walk in the woods. Many natural ways to repel insects provide a cheaper option than any over-the-counter products used for this purpose. Many of the selections you have available will work on a lot of troublesome insects; like mosquitoes for example.

Most of the natural ways to repel insects involve the use of foods. This includes essential oils and even catnip. The reason natural methods work is insects avoid certain plants and aromas. You can find many options to use as a natural insect repellent right in your kitchen.

You should first start by making a list of items you might already have in your home as natural ways to repel insects. This is a great way to save money and prevent allergic reactions that are common with an assortment of insect repellents that use various chemicals.

A list of natural ways to repel insects can be found on bestplants.com here…

23 Natural Ways To Repel Insects

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