22 Survival Uses For 2-Liter Bottles

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Photo by: urbansurvivalsite.com

Many items you have at home can be used when options are needed for survival. You may find that the power is out due to a natural disaster or other emergency. One item that you may not think would offer a lot of benefits is a standard 2-liter bottle.

You will be surprised at the various survival uses for 2-liter bottles that are available. One main thing a survivalist will need to use with a 2-liter bottle is a knife or a pair of scissors. The bottles will provide an assortment of tools if you have a tool to modify the bottles.

The survival uses for 2-liter bottles you have include more than storing liquid. You can add all types of food in 2-liter bottles to use for making quick meals. Simply determine the types of food and any other items you want to keep in your 2-liter bottles.

A list of survival uses for 2-liter bottles is available on urbansurvivalsite.com here…

22 Survival Uses For 2-Liter Bottles

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