22 Foods To Buy Once And Regrow Forever

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Growing your own food is easy to do if you don’t want to continue buying produce at the grocery store. Water, a container, and some sunshine typically is all that is needed for foods to buy once and regrow forever.

While some non-organic produce will regrow well, most people have the greatest success with organic (non-GMO) produce. Give both try if you like, but be prepared to use organic over the long-term.

1. Learn how to regrow green onions forever.


photo by 17apart.com

2. Buy a garlic bulb once and you can regrow it indefinitely.


photo by simpledailyrecipes.com

3. Do you know you can regrow spring onions vertically?


photo by auntiedogmasgardenspot.wordpress.com

4. Regrowing romaine lettuce from scraps is really easy.


photo by threepsandq.wordpress.com

5. Basil is a great herb you can regrow at home.


photo by food-hacks.wonderhowto.com

6. The bottoms of a celery stalk are easy to regrow.


photo by foodstorageandsurvival.com

7. Sweet potatoes are perfect to regrow and plant in a garden.


photo by homejoys.blogspot.com.es

8. You can regrow a new ginger plant from a single root.


photo by chiotsrun.com

9. One avocado seed is all you need to grow a brand new tree.


photo by apartmenttherapy.com

10. Save the crown from a pineapple to regrow a new one.


photo by rickswoodshopcreations.com

11. Regrow a new lemon tree by planting one or more seeds.


photo by growingwildceeds.wordpress.com

12. Why try to grow rosemary from seeds when you can use the original plant?


photo by 17apart.com

13. Save the stalks from lemongrass to regrow new plants.


photo by purplefoodie.com

14. A few cuttings of mint are all you need to regrow new plants.


photo by 17apart.com

15. Planting beans is easy when you grow sprouts from the actual beans.


photo by wikihow.com

16. Save the seeds when cooking with peppers to regrow new plants.

17. Learn how to regrow store bought fennel.

18. Cilantro is a terrific herb you can easily regrow at home.


photo by ehow.com

19. A pit from a cherry is all you need to grow a new tree.


photo by gardeningknowhow.com

20. You can regrow Bok Choy just like celery.


photo by 17apart.com

21. Regrowing leeks is just like regrowing a green onion.

22. Why forage for mushrooms when you can regrow your own?


photo by earth911.com

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