22 Brilliant Ways To Repurpose Pennies

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Pennies are typically used as currency, but they can also be used for a lot of craft projects. You will be surprised to know there are many stylish ways to repurpose pennies around the home.

1. How To Make: Penny Buttons


photo by epbot.com

A doming kit is all you need to make DIY buttons out of old pennies.

2. How To Make Penny Coasters


photo by instructables.com

Penny coasters are easy to make to use at home or have for a gift.

3. Sleek And Easy DIY Penny Vase Jar


photo by diply.com

Any old vase can easily be customized with a layer of pennies.

4. How To Make A Penny Floor


photo by adetailedhouse.com

Walking on money can be fun to do when have your own penny floor.

5. Penny Tiled Table


photo by theownerbuildernetwork.co

Give a used coffee table an upgrade with a layer of pennies.

6. DIY Penny Ring


photo by trinketsinbloom.com

A great way to wear money is to make a DIY ring using a penny.

7. DIY Penny Photo Frames


photo by ohsolovelyblog.com

Custom photo frames are easy to make using glue and some pennies.

8. Penny Tiled Counter


photo by domesticimperfection.com

Tiling a counter with pennies is a great way to make a statement in your home.

9. Decal Penny Pendant


photo by justsomethingimade.com

Pendants made from pressed decal pennies are a great gift idea.

10. Penny As Tap Shoes


photo by realsimple.com

Pennies glued to the bottom of any pair of shoes makes instant tap shoes.

11. Penny Tray


photo by todayscreativelife.com

A decorative tray with pennies can be a fun DIY project.

12. DIY Penny Backsplash


photo by godisgoodgodisgreat.blogspot.com

A great way to update your kitchen is to add a custom penny backsplash.

13. Penny Votive Holder


photo by shakentogetherlife.com

A simple votive holder made from pennies is a super easy craft project.

14. Bowling Ball Yard Art


photo by houseofhawthornes.com

Making yard art with pennies is a great use of thrift store finds like a bowling ball.

15. Penny Tiled Mirror


photo by honeysweethome.blogspot.com

Tiling a mirror is a great way to add a custom upgrade.

16. Penny Mario Pixel Art


photo by instructables.com

A framed Mario made from pennies is a really unique piece of art.

17. Penny Jewelry


photo by epbot.com

Pennies are a great item to use to make custom jewelry.

18. Penny Photo Frame


photo by sisterssuitcaseblog.com

Creating a custom photo frame is easy to do by adding a border of pennies.

19. Penny Letters


photo by thecraftedsparrow.com

A word sign made from pennies can be added in a kitchen or other room in the home.

20. Penny Feature Wall


photo by bellanest.blogspot.ca

A feature wall is a great way to show off a collection of pennies.

21. Penny Keychain


photo by etsy.com

A keychain made from a penny is a perfect DIY gift for a special occasion.

22. Penny Barrettes


photo by auntannie.com

Barrettes made from pennies is another way to wear money in style.

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