21 Practical Ways To Use Gabions On The Homestead

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Gabions are a structure that can be used in numerous ways. Typically, gabions are made from welded wire or mesh wire that has been filled with rock or stone. Occasionally, you’ll find gabion construction that has been filled with wood or even whimsical items, but most often some sort of stone is used.

You may be surprised to know that there are lots of ways to use gabions on the homestead instead many traditional structures. Below are samples of some of the most spectacular gabion structors, many of which you may wish to consider adding to your home.

1. Gabion Planter


photo by zillow.com

A gabion planter is a perfect decorative item for the homestead.

2. Gabion Fence


photo by gabionsupply.com

A fence built as a gabion can be used for decoration and for privacy.

3. Gabion Garden Table


photo by seattletimes.com

A few rocks and a wire cage are all that is needed to build a simple garden table.

4. Gabion Retaining Wall


photo by gabion1.co.uk

Consider using gabions if your property needs a retaining wall.

5. Gabion Swimming Pool


photo by bricozone.be

Use gabion to decorate an above ground pool.

6. Gabion Fire Pit


photo by justimagine-ddoc.com

A gabion fire pit can be both safe and stylish.

7. Pallet Wood Bench & Gabion Table


photo by apieceofrainbow.com

A gabion table is easy to make along with a pallet wood bench.

8. Gabion Table Setting


photo by au.lifestyle.yahoo.com

Entertain dinner guests using this inviting table.

9. Gabion Backyard Waterfall


photo by gabionwallexpert.com

Need a backyard water feature. Consider building with gabions.

10. Gabion Abor


photo by houseplansllcblog.files.wordpress.com

This gabion arbor is breathtaking. A simple wire frame is the cornerstone this arbor.

11. Gabion Planter


photo by arslocii.files.wordpress.com

This is another way to make a gabion planter for your yard.

12. Gabion Pedestals


photo by sugarlumpstudios.com

Use gabions to showcase plants and garden decor.

13. Gabion Garden Wall


photo by greenlandscapestoenvy.com

A gabion garden wall is perfect to surround a garden.

14. Home Address Numbers


photo by pinterest

Use a gabion base to mount your home address numbers.

15. Gabion Wood Stove


photo by pinterest.com

Do you know you can build a working wood stove as a gabion?

16. Gabion Column


photo by floradoragardens.blogspot.com

A gabion column is a great item to display in a garden or in a backyard.

17. Gabion Garden Entrance


photo by gardenista.com

A small gabion can be used at the entrance to a beautiful garden.

18. Gabion Grass Privacy Fence


photo by deavita.fr

Love this classy fence to create privacy from neighbors!

19. Raised Gabion Pond


photo by justimagine-ddoc.com

Ponds to not need to be placed in the ground when using a gabion.

20. Gabion Shelving


photo by pinterest.com

Outdoor shelving is easy to add to a patio by building a gabion.

21. Gabion Raised Garden Bed


photo by gabionwallexpert.com

Why build a raised garden bed out of wood when you can use a durable gabion design?

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