21 Hypertufa Garden Art Designs

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Building things with natural materials is a great way to save money and also be environmentally friendly. One product you may want to use to make a variety of homemade art is hypertufa. All you need to do is decide which types of hypertufa garden art projects you want to do.

1. Pots With A Personal Touch: Hypertufa


photo by marthastewart.com

Learn how to make your own decorative hypertufa pots.

2. Hypertufa Hands Tutorial


photo by bluefoxfarm.com

A pair of hypertufa hands are a fun item to have for your garden.

3. Pizza Box Stepping Stones


photo by frugalgardengirl.blogspot.com

Hypertufa stepping stones are easy to make by using a simple pizza box.

4. Make Your Own Hypertufa Container


photo by finegardening.com

A Small hypertufa container is perfect for a garden or patio.

5. DIY “Stone” Container


photo by bcliving.ca

A hypertufa container can be made to look like something made of stone.

6. How To Make Stepping Stones – With A Cake Pan


photo by intimateweddings.com

A cake pan is another type of mold to use to make stepping stones.

7. Hypertufa Trough


photo by bhg.com

A hypertufa trough can be used for both water or various types of plants.

8. Use Hypertufa To Make Containers That Looks Like Stone


photo by extension.oregonstate.edu

Many types of containers made of hypertufa will look like like stone.

9. Good Bugs Planters


photo by fromthesummersgarden.blogspot.com

These are planters that are molded to look like bugs.

10. How To Make A Hypertufa Table


photo by thisoldhouse.com

You can even make a table out of hypertufa.

11. How To Make Hypertufa Benches


photo by ehow.com

Benches in a garden are easy to make with hypertufa.

12. Making A Hypertufa Bird Bath


photo by bristen.com

Why use concrete to make a birdbath when you can use hypertufa.

13. Tufa Times Magazine Hints – Drainage Holes


photo by thehypertufagardener.com

Holes are easy to add to planters that are made from hypertufa.

14. Hypertufa Pots


photo by marthastewart.com

These pots are super easy to made by using hypertufa.

15. Make A Hypertufa Trough


photo by finegardening.com

This is another way to make a trough out of hypertufa.

16. How To Make Hypertufa-Concrete* Balls


photo by fairegarden.wordpress.com

These balls look just like items that are made from actual concrete.

17. Hypertufa Faux Rocks


photo by jennsthreegraces.blogspot.com

Faux rocks are a great item to make from hypertufa and display in a garden.

18. Bowls Of Life Fountain – Hypertufa


photo by gardensandcrafts.com

A simple water fountain is a great item to have in a backyard garden.

19. Make Your Own Concrete Planters


photo by bhg.com

This is another way to make a trough or planters by using hypertufa.

20. Faux-Bois Planter Mold


photo by marthastewart.com

This is a type of planter that is made to look like faux wood.

21. Easy DIY Hypertufa Projects


photo by thegardenglove.com

This is a list of easy and fun hypertufa projects to do at home.

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