21 Creative DIY Downspout Ideas

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There are lots of things you can do to add a touch of art to your home. One thing you might want to do is update the downspout on the front of your home. All you need to do is find a few DIY downspout ideas that will coordinate with your home decor.

1. Dragonfly Downspout


photo by lushome.com

This is a beautiful way to watch water come out of the downspout.

2. DIY Rain Chain Using Spoons


photo by birdsandblooms.com

Thrift store spoons are perfect for this project.

3. Teapot Downspout


photo by lushome.com

Watching water flow down teapots can be really calming.

4. Rain Cloud


photo by woohome.com

This will easily put an exclamation on a really gloomy day.

5. Funnel Rain Chain


photo by motherearthnews.com

Used funnels can easily be attached together to make a DIY downspout.

6. DIY Front Yard Creek


photo by chesapeakestormwater.net

This is a dry creek bed that comes alive during a rainstorm.

7. Terra Cotta Rain Chain


photo by allthingsheartandhome.com

This is a great way to repurpose a few terra cotta pots.

8. How To Install A Rain Chain

You may want to know how to attach a rain chain to your gutter system.

9. Bucket Rain Chain


photo by curbly.com

Any size buckets can be used to make a custom downspout for your home.

10. Tin Man Downspout Design


photo by lushome.com

This is a fun and playful design to a standard downspout for your home.

11. Rain Chain from Wire-Wrapped Rock


photo by dollarstorecrafts.com

Who knew a few rocks and some wire is all you need to make a downspout.

12. Twin Elephants


photo by artofrain.com

A couple downspout elephants on a home offer interesting visual appeal.

13. Iron Cup Bronze Rub Rain Chain Decorative Downspouts

This is a great way to recycle old iron cups.

14. DIY Cookie Cutter Rain Chain


photo by hometalk.com

Thrift store cookie cutters are perfect to make this DIY downspout.

15. Plastic Cup Rain Chain With Dollar General


photo by dollarstorecrafts.com

Dollar store plastic cups are all you need to make this simple downspout for your home.

16. Watering Can Rain Chain


photo by isavea2z.com

Tiny watering cans are perfect to use to make this DIY downspout.

17. Fish Downspouts


photo by Daily Street Photography lushome.com

This is a classy way to add downspouts to your home.

18. Sea Shell Rain Chain


photo by pinterest.com

She shells from the sea shore will make a terrific downspout for your home.

19. Whimsical Copper Downspout


photo by lushome.com

Add your own unique flare with art downspout decor.

20. Neon Zip Tie Rain Chain


photo by dollarstorecrafts.com

Neon zip ties are a colorful way to have a custom downspout for your home.

21. Pine Cone Rain Chain


photo by thegardenglove.com

This is an easy way to add a nature element to your home.

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