21 Best Chicken Coop Upgrades

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Building a new chicken coop is a great idea for a DIY homestead project. If you’re searching for your next coop plans or you already have an operational coop, there are several chicken coop upgrades available that you might want to consider.

The chicken coop upgrades options listed below will save you time and make life more enjoyable for you, and most importantly for your flock.

1. Tree Roost


photo by backyardchickens.com

Chickens love a roost in their run.

2. Screened Pen


photo by thegardencoop.com

A screened pen will keep predators away from your chickens.

3. Wood Ash Bath For Mite-Free Hens


photo by untrainedhousewife.com

Adding an ash bath will help keep your chickens free of mites.

4. Motion Detector Light To Deter Predators


Photo via Amazon

A motion detect light will only come on when predators are in the area and can let you know they’re out and about. (These also some in solar models that require no wiring into household current.)

5. Cheap Solar Tube for Chicken Coop

A solar tube is a great way to add natural light into your chicken coop.

6. Chicken Coop Skylight


photo by pinterest.com

A small section of plexiglass or other clear material is all you need to make a simple skylight.

7. The Poop Hammock


photo by communitychickens.com

This is a hammock that is designed to keep chicken poop off the floor of your coop.

8. Wheat Sprout Feeder


photo by backyardchickens.com

Spouts not only will keep your chickens entertained, they’ll serve as fresh greens year-round regardless of the weather.

9. Privacy Curtains Over Nesting Boxes


Photo via FreshEggsDaily.com

Chickens like their privacy and darkness when they are in their nesting boxes.  According to Practical Poultry magazine, the curtains will encourage laying and discourage egg eating.

10. Solar Light for Chicken Coop

The addition of a solar light is a great way to illuminate your chicken coop.

11. Making A Chicken Water System


photo by instructables.com

A chicken water system is easy to make to provide water for your chickens.

12. PVC Chicken Feeder


photo by instructables.com

Making a simple chicken feeder makes feeding your chickens a lot earlier.

13. DIY Chicken Water and Feeder From Five Gallon Buckets


photo by blessthismessplease.com

A chicken feeder and water dispenser is easy to make using a 5-gallon bucket.

14. How To Build a Chicken Nesting Box


photo by removeandreplace.com

Build a simple nesting box for your chickens.

15. Wading Pool For Hot Weather Days


photo by tillysnest.com

Chicken love to put their feet in cool water on hot temp days.

16. Chicken Swing


photo by attainable-sustainable.net

Another great way for your chickens to enjoy getting off the ground.

17. Build A Chicken Run


photo by dwell.com

No chicken coop is complete without a custom chicken run.

18. Carnivorous Plants Like Sundew


Photo via Amazon

Plant Sundew around the outside of you chicken coop and their sticky tentacles will catch flies that the plant will eat!

19. Simple Automatic Chicken Coop Door


photo by instructables.com

An automatic door is a great way to keep track of your chickens.

20. Homemade Flock Block


photo by fresheggsdaily.com

This is a great winter treat and boredom buster.

21. Plant Blueberries


photo by thefrugalchicken.com

Planting blueberries is a perfect way to add some color around your chicken coop.


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