200 Of The Best Items To Barter

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Photo by: urbansurvivalsite.com

Are you interested in items that you can barter? Bartering is a great way to collect items that you might want to have or will really need. This was once the way that people traded before using money. Preparation for SHTF needs to include having a few of the best items to barter.

You may be surprised to know the best items to barter may already be in your home. Make a list of any items you don’t already have or need to obtain. This includes items like reading glasses to garden seeds to plant and grow for food. A pair of scissors is also a useful item to have for bartering.

The best items to barter are typically meant for survival. This means you should have items that people will want to use. Items that do not have a useful purpose will not be good for bartering and will take up valuable space in your home.

A list of the best items to barter is available on urbansurvivalsite.com here…

200 Of The Best Items To Barter

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