20 Ways To Use Hanging Shoe Organizers Other Than For Shoes

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Are you looking for ways to get organized or to save on space? Let’s talk about ways to use hanging shoe organizers other than for shoes.

Of course these inexpensive hanging pocket vessels are perfect for adding additional shoe space, but have you considered hanging them in other rooms around your home? Ever considered how to use them outdoors?

You’ve lots a storage possibilities with hanging shoe organizers. For example, you can hang one on the inside of your pantry door for easy-to-reach spices. Or, you can place one on the back of your kid’s door for legos or stuffed animals. All those little cubbies make it super easy to get organized and to stay organized.

Check out our list of ways to use hanging shoe organizers other than for shoes below. It’s full of creative ideas to keep some of your smaller items safe and all in one place that’s easily accessible. Find ways to use them in the kitchen, the bathroom, for camping trips, and even in the garden.

1. Use a shoe organizer for simple pantry organization.


photo by bhg.com

2. Keep your cleaning products organized.


photo by fashionablehome.blogspot.com

3. Hang a shoe organizer in your bathroom for additional storage.


photo by brit.co

4. A shoe organizer is perfect to use for storing winter hats and gloves.


photo by thediyvillage.com

5. Keep school supplies organized.


photo by abowlfulloflemons.net

6. Make a place to keep water bottles and travel mugs.


photo by buzzfeed.com

7. How about a fully stocked first aid kit for emergencies?


photo by apartmenttherapy.com

8. Keep electrical cords and power cords organized.


photo by iheartorganizing.com

9. Keep food packets and kids’ snacks handy.


photo by pinterest.com

10. Shoe organizers are perfect to use for small toy storage.


photo by houseonashwelllane.blogspot.com

11. Do you need a clever way to store bite sized candy?


photo by theberry.com

12. Use a shoe organizer for organizing Barbies or other figures.


photo by parents.com

13. Are you still looking for ways to use hanging shoe organizers other than for shoes? How about holster storage for Nerf guns?


photo by mooremagnets.blogspot.com

14. Hang a shoe organizer to store frequently used wrapping paper.


photo by tenthavenuesouth.blogspot.com

15. Easy access to diapers may be a good idea.


photo by community.babycenter.com

16. This is a great way to keep everything you need for a camp kitchen.


photo by pinterest.com

17. Hang a shoe organizer to organize stuffed animals.


photo by woohome.com

18. This is an awesome way to keep LEGOS organized by color.


photo by kidsactivitiesblog.com

19. How about making a DIY vertical garden?


photo by instructables.com

20. You can even use a shoe organizer for organizing nail polish.


photo by fmag.com

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