20 Perennial Crops You Can Plant Once And Enjoy Forever

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Photo by: mentalscoop.com

Do you have a flower garden with perennials that come back year after year? Perennials are plants that have flowers or produce fruits and vegetables. This means you can plant perennial crops to have for an assortment of food without having to replant every year.

The best thing about perennial crops is you only need to plant them once. You do not need to till any of your land and prepare it for a new crop. A little fertilizer and some water are all you need to do to ensure there is as hefty harvest from your crop.

A little research is needed if you are interested in planting perennial crops on your homestead. You will be surprised at the types of crops you can plant that will come back year after year. Raspberries are one type of fruit to plant and blueberries are another. Rhubarb is another plant you can consider.

Information about perennial crops is available on mentalscoop.com here…

20 Perennial Crops You Can Plant Once And Enjoy Forever

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