20 Best & Unusual Uses For Olive Oil

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Olive oil has become a kitchen staple for preparing many food dishes. It can substituted for butter, savored as a delicious as vinaigrette, enjoyed as a companion to bread, and according to Tim Ferriss (in his book The 4-Hour Chef), it’s AMAZING drizzled over chocolate ice cream.  Who knew?!  (We haven’t tried this, yet everyone on Dr. Oz’s show with Tim Ferriss raved about it!)  Olive oil has reached such popularity as a oil that there’s even an increasing number of people who know to avoid it as a high-heat cooking oil. The reason is because at a high heat olive oil starts to break down chemically causing it to loose it’s antioxidants and release toxic chemicals that are carcinogenic.

Yet, with all that’s known about olive oil when it comes to food, there are numerous other ways to use this oil for skincare, cleaning, and much much more. Below we’re sharing Eco Salon’s 20 Best & Unusual Uses For Olive Oil.

20 Best & Unusual Uses For Olive Oil

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