20 Awesome DIY Chicken Coop Plans For Homesteaders

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A chicken coop does not need to be something that is a basic design or even dull looking. There are many chicken coop plans that you can use to build a structure for your chickens that is truly awesome.

1. Build a chicken coop that has the facade as market counter.


photo by hobbyfarms.com

2. Making a chicken coop look like a miniature house could be a lot of fun.


photo by onetreephotography.com

3. A DIY chicken coop can be built to look like a greenhouse.


photo by redeemyourground.com

4. A $600 chicken coop can easily be made for much less as a DIY project.


photo by housewivesofriverton.com

5. A chicken brooding cabinet is not a full scale coop, but it may be perfect for your needs.


photo by ana-white.com

6. Repurpose a swing set or other items on your homestead to build a DIY chicken coop.


photo by countryliving.com

7. A fun way to build a chicken coop is to make it look like a tiny house.


photo by backyardchickens.com

8. Scrap materials can easily be used to make a simple chicken coop for your homestead.


photo by thesummeryumbrella.com

9. A summer cottage design is a terrific option for a DIY chicken coop.


photo by backyardchickens.com

10. Some people may prefer a modern but rustic design for their chicken coop.


photo by smallfriendly.com

11. A crib is another item you can repurpose to use as a chicken coop.


photo by weedemandreap.com

12. A raised chicken coop designed like a shed may be just what you need.


photo by thetanglednest.com

13. Repurpose or upcycle an old kids playhouse into an awesome chicken coop.


photo by backyardchickens.com

14. An a-frame chicken coop is super easy to build and can be made from scrap materials.


photo by coopandhome.com

15. A chicken hotel design will be perfect for any homestead.


photo by backyardchickens.com

16. A trip to any home improvement store is all you need to do to build the ultimate chicken coop.


photo by countryliving.com

17. A chicken coop can easily be built to look like a geodesic dome.


photo by anthony.liekens.net

18. Do you know you can convert an old dog house into a simple chicken coop?


photo by greengardengirl.wordpress.com

19. You can easily be eco-friendly or add to your garden by adding a garden roof to a chicken coop.


photo by landscapeandurbanism.blogspot.com

20. A chapel chicken coop could make for an interesting topic of conversation.

photo by backyardchickens.com

photo by backyardchickens.com

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