2 Ways To Make Potassium Fertilizer From Banana Peels

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Photo by: stonefamilyfarmstead.com

Have you ever used ripe and black bananas to make a tasty banana bread? Bananas that are black and overripe can also be used to make a potassium-rich fertilizer. You can easily make potassium fertilizer from banana peels. The best part is you will have the option to eat the banana first.

You can use a dry method or a wet method to make potassium fertilizer from any banana peels. You simply need to determine which method you want to use. There are pros and cons to consider when looking at both methods. The best thing to do is try both to see what works best.

The dry method to make potassium fertilizer from banana peels will give you a powder. If you want to use the wet method, then you will be making a potassium-infused water. The fertilizer can easily be applied to any type of backyard garden or added to plants in containers.

2 ways to make potassium fertilizer from banana peels can be found on stonefamilyfarmstead.com.

Wet Method

Dry Method

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