19 Frugal Ways To Cut Heating Costs

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One of the most expensive things about winter for people who rely on gas and electricity is heating the home. You might want to use a few frugal ways to cut heating costs that will easily save you money.

1. Change your furnace filter at least every three months.


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2. Use ceiling fans to circulate warm air.


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3. Use your washing machine wisely to conserve water. This is a tip for those of you who have a hot water heater that runs on natural gas.


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4. Use your dishwasher wisely to reduce water use. This is a tip for those of you who have a hot water heater that runs on natural gas.


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5. Open shades and blinds to let the sun heat your home.

6. Seal air leaks around doors and windows.


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7. Insulate your water heater with a thermal blanket.

8. Keep your fireplace damper closed when the fireplace is not in use.


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9. Lower temperature on thermostat a couple of degrees.

10. Insulate bare hot water pipes in your home.


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11. Insulate basement windows to reduce heat loss.


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12. Take shorter showers to reduce water heater use. This is a tip for those of you who have a hot water heater that runs on natural gas.


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13. Build a DIY radiant space heater to help keep warm.

14. Build a DIY Humidifier

15. Cover a built-in mail slot in your home to block cold air during the winter.

16. Cover windows with plastic film or bubble wrap as an indoor storm window.


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17. Leave your oven door open after cooking a meal to add heat during colder months.

18. Use foam cutouts to insulate outlets along an exterior wall.


photo by apartmenttherapy.com

19. Make a draft guard using pipe insulation.


photo by lifehacker.com

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