19 DIY Garden Planters And Ideas

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Making your own garden planters is not hard to do and can be a fun DIY project for a long weekend. You just might be surprised at what you can make with items around your home. There are many garden planters and ideas to use if you want to make something fun and interesting for your garden.

Making your own garden planters is not hard to do and can be a fun and creative DIY project for a long weekend. You just might be surprised what you can make with items you have around your home. 

Here are several garden planters and ideas to use if you want to make something whimsical, yet functional for your garden.

1. Of all the garden planters and ideas this is one of our favorites. To create this look you’ll need to repurpose an old bed frame into a garden planter.


photo by builddirect.com

2. Old bags be used to make hanging garden planters.


photo by hgtv.com

3. Decorate yogurt containers to use as small garden planters.


photo by pinterest.com

4. A wood crate is a perfect item to use as a garden planter.


photo by dishfunctionaldesigns.blogspot.com

5. Make your own cement garden planters.


photo by instructables.com

6. Do yo have some old floppy disks that you can repurpose.


photo by brit.co

7. Use tree stumps and logs as garden planters.


photo by listotic.com

8. An old light fixture is a great item to use as a hanging garden planter.


photo by listotic.com

9. Hang small pots on a fence for visual appeal.


photo by apartmenttherapy.com

10. Want more garden planters and ideas? How about decorating metal cans or barrels to use as custom planters.


photo by allmystery.de

11. Create custom planters from outlet plates and switch plates.


photo by apartmenttherapy.com

12. Create a barrel train garden planter.


photo by luxuryhousingtrends.com

13. This is a great way to repurpose old boots.


photo by rosinahuber.blogspot.com

14. A garden planter can be made from an old wagon.


photo by botanicaljunkie.blogspot.com

15. Do you have some old tires to use in your garden?


photo by lemonbeanandthings.blogspot.com

16. These muffin tin planters can be really fun to make at home.


photo by apartmenttherapy.com

17. Still searching for garden planters and ideas? Try these planters made from concrete pavers.


photo by curbly.com

18. You can also make a garden planter by using cinder blocks.


photo by instagram.com

19. Making garden planters is also a great use for old paint cans.


photo by hgtv.com

Do you have any garden planters and ideas to share? We’d love to see them. Just drop by our Facebook page and post an image on our wall.

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