19 Amazing Cob Wood Fired Oven Ideas

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Photo by: DIY-Alternative-Energy.com

If you’ve been toying with the idea of getting a wood fired oven, once you read this post, you will be ready to get up and go right outside to figure out where your wood fired oven is going to go.

Whether your reasoning is that you need a wood fired oven to have a means of cooking if the power goes out or because you really like the taste of wood fired pizza, you will find that (if you have the room for one) it is not hard and it is not expensive to build your own wood fired oven. As a matter of fact, it is quite cheap to build one from a material called “cob.”

The best thing about making your own wood fired oven is that you need not build a boring little dome. With these examples, you will see that the only thing between you and a new outdoor oven is a little of your time and imagination and not very much (if anything) out of your pocketbook.

The basic steps to building a wood fired oven with cob are:

  • Make the sand dome form for the shape of the inside of the oven
  • Make the cob mixture
  • Form the cob mixture around the sand form
  • Add a cool design to the outside
  • Let the cob mixture dry thoroughly
  • Do a test burn to burn off the extra straw on the inside
  • Enjoy your new wood fired oven – make pizza or bread every day!

The steps are even more simple if you decide that you just want to add a mosaic design to the outside of your wood fired oven.

Read all about building your own wood fired oven here and see some fabulous designs others have made, from DIY-Alternative-Energy.com…

19 Amazing Cob Wood FiredĀ Oven Project Ideas

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