18 Practical Uses For Wood Ash

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Heating your home with a wood stove or using a fireplace throughout the winter means a lot of wood ash is being collected.

If you like to recycle as much as you can, then you may be interested in these unique and practical uses for wood ash.

1. Add some wood ash to your compost.


photo by gardeningknowhow.com

2. Save wood ash to use as yard fertilizer in the spring.


photo by tipnut.com

3. Spread wood ash in your garden to help deter unwanted pests.


photo by permaculturenews.org

4. Sprinkle some wood ash on packed snow to gain more traction when walking.


photo by bobvila.com

5. Wood ash can be used as a non-toxic solution to polish silver.


photo by wikipedia.org

6. Dogs that have been sprayed by a skunk can be deodorized by rubbing their coat wood ash.


photo by dogwatch.com

7. Remove the sooty residue on the glass doors of your fireplace.


photo by mnn.com

8. Wood ash can be used to help melt ice on a driveway or sidewalk.


photo by realestate.aol.com

9. Homemade soap often includes wood ash lye as an ingredient.


photo by downsizer.net

10. Adding wood ash to a pond will help eliminate a lot of the algae.


photo by jetmaster.com.au

11. Make a batch of lye water that can be used to clean clothes to the floors of your home.


photo by instructables.com

12. Wood ash can be used to help remove foul odors.


photo by napoleonfireplaces.com

13. Make a homemade teeth whitener from some of your leftover wood ash.


photo by lahealthyliving.com

14. Keep rodents at bay by using wood ash to make a natural deterrent.


photo by wikipedia.org

15. Wood ash is a great way to keep moths away from fabrics and clothing.


photo by vomitingchicken.com

16. A survival water filter can be made by using wood ash.


photo by instructables.com

17. Add wood ash to a tin dish and use it to reduce humidity in your home naturally.


photo by greenlivingtips.com

18. Sprinkle wood ash on your lawn to help eliminate unsightly moss.


photo by wikipedia.org

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