18 Off Grid Uses For Tin Cans

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Photo by: urbansurvivalsite.com

Do you have a large supply of tin cans at home that you are saving? Food in a tin can is one of the best choices for people who are preparing for a disaster or any emergency. However, you can also use your cans in other ways. All you will need to do is review some of the uses for tin cans around the home.

There are many uses for tin cans that might be surprising. This includes using a tin can as an option for cooking a meal. Simply put some food in a can and then place it in the hot coals of a camp fire.

One of the best uses for tin cans is for storage. You can use the cans individually or make a storage unit as a DIY project. If you have too many tin cans at home, then you can also use them as targets.

A list of uses for tin cans around the home can be found on urbansurvivalsite.com here…

18 Off Grid Uses For Tin Cans

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