18 New And Brilliant Ways To Repurpose Old Wine Corks

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Do you drink a lot of wine and throw away the corks? Maybe you are saving the corks because they could be useful in some way. Lets talk about unique ways to repurpose old wine corks. We are talking about real cork, not synthetic cork.

If you are not sure of what to do, then you might be interested in a few fun and interesting ways to repurpose old wine corks. You can create ink crafting stamps, a bag closer for chips, and even a holder for your smart phone. So many great options for old wine corks!

And guess what? If you have a project in mind but find yourself shy of some corks, you can can always purchase some here.

1. Make a DIY trivet.


photo by homedit.com

2. Use wine corks to steady a wobbly chair.


photo by marthastewart.com

3. Wine corks are perfect to use as cupboard pulls.


photo by learn.winecoolerdirect.com

4. Create your own custom crafting stamps.


photo by designmom.com

5. Make a wine cork serving tray.


photo by velvetandvino.com

6. Learn how to make your own mini cork planters.

7. These decorative cork balls are really easy to make.


photo by allputtogether.com

8. Make a wine cork vase.


photo by designimprovised.com

9. Use some old wine corks to make DIY placemats.


photo by cremedelacraft.com

10. Create a unique cork sculpture.


photo by lilblueboo.com

11. Are you still looking for ways to ways to repurpose old wine corks. How about making a wine cork candle holder?


photo by twotwentyone.net

12. Do you know you can make a smart phone holder with wine corks?


photo by etsy.com

13. This bag closer is actually a really handy item.


photo by myusefulideas.com

14. Wine corks are perfect to sue as a corn on the cob holder.


photo by pinterest.com

15. Keep wine corks handy to use as emergency fire starters.


photo by macgyverisms.wonderhowto.com

16. Make your own corked magnetic test tube terrariums.


photo by olivebites.blogspot.in

17. Use wine corks to make a set of cord ties.


photo by thekimsixfix.com

18. These wine cork candles can be made as a homemade gift.


photo by asubtlerevelry.com

Do you have other ways to repurpose old wine corks? Show us by posting a picture on our Facebook page.

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