18 Firewood Storage Ideas

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Do you have a lot of trees on your property that can be cut harvested and cut for firewood? Keeping firewood dry is crucial and means that a good storage solution will be needed.

Here are several terrific firewood storage ideas you can use.

1. A-Frame Firewood Storage is a perfect DIY project for any homeowner.


photo by singletrackworld.com

2. A DIY Firewood Log Holder is  great project to keep logs ready to put in a stove or fireplace.


photo by truevalueprojects.com

3. A DIY Firewood Storage Box is easy to make from pallets or other scrap pieces of wood.


photo by pinterest.com

4. An Outdoor Firewood Storage Bin is a great way to keep wood protected from the elements.


photo by woodworkingbluepritns.com

5. Homemade Kindling Dryer – This is made with a few cinder blocks and some 2×4 boards.


photo by pinterest.com

6. A DIY Firewood Stack House is a simple project that anyone can do on the weekend.


photo by pinterest.com

7. A DIY Firewood Storage Structure is a simple way store wood that has been freshly cut.


photo by bbq-brethren.com

8.A Custom Built Firewood Shed can be built to keep wood protected from rain.


photo by pinterest.com

9. A DIY Firewood Rack can easily be made to keep wood stacked in a basement or outside.


photo by phillygf.com

10. A Plumbing Pipe Firewood Holder is a fun project you can do after a trip to the hardware store.


photo by thehomesteadsurvival.com

11. a DIY Pallet Firewood Shed is a great upcycling project to do at home.


photo by palletsdesigns.com

12. A DIY Firewood Log Holder can be built to keep logs easily accessible during cold winter days.


photo by hometalk.com

13. Custom Firewood Storage Rack – This is something you can build that has a lot of visual interest.


photo by behance.net

14. Firewood Storage Cart – Casters are added to make the cart movable.


photo by indulgy.com

15. Custom Bench Firewood Storage – This is a great way to make use of unused space under bench seating.


photo by instructables.com

16. Simple Firewood Storage Frame – A simple frame design is all you really need for basic wood storage.


photo by pinterest.com

17. Firewood Pallet House – This is a wood frame structure used to store various types of firewood.


photo by recyclart.org

18. No-Tools Firewood Rack – You can easily construct this with items found in your garage.


photo by instructables.com

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