18 DIY Toys For Goats To Keep Them Busy

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Keeping goats on your homestead is a great way to have a source of milk and a little meat. If you have some miniature goats or goats that are really active, then something you may want to do is make some toys for goats to keep them busy.

1. Thrift store finds or second hand finds can make perfect goat toys.


photo by pinterest.com

2. An old cable spool and a plank are all you need to make toys for goats.


photo by pinterest.com

3. A used water bottle is perfect to use as a toy for goats.


photo by horseshoe.farm

4. A tether ball is simple to make and is a fun toy for goats.


photo by goatslive.com

5. A homemade see saw is a perfect item for goats to use to have some fun.


photo by thegoatspot.net

6. A few old tires can also be used to make homemade toys for your goats.


photo by greeneggsandgoats.com

7. How about a goat toy that is made of wood and is multiple levels.


photo by pinterest.com

8. Your goats will have a lot of fun with a homemade goat scratcher.


photo by thegoatspot.net

9. This is another multiple-level climbing goat toy that is made from old tires.


photo by ruggedthuglife.com

10. A lot of goat toys can be made by using dollar store finds.


photo by goatslive.com

11. Here is a great idea for making pallet goat toys.


photo by pinterest.com

12. Do you know you can make goat toys from plastic crates and a kiddie pool.


photo by sharidenise.com

13. Here is a great way to make goat toys from old tractor tires.


photo by pinterest.com

14. A tree stump can also be used as a homemade goat toy.


photo by pinterest.com

15. Here is a fun way to use old cow bells.


photo by pinterest.com

16. Create an obstacle course with fun items in your goat pen.


photo by adaringadventure.typepad.com

17. Goats can have fun with almost anything, even an old radio flyer.


photo by doubledurangofarm.com

18. How about making a gym of playhouse for your goats.


photo by homesteadingtoday.com

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