18 Creative Ways To Use Cattle Pen Panels

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Cattle pen panels are an inexpensive way to bring style and function to your backyard and garden. They also are useful for livestock, creating shelters, and can even add whimsy to small balconies and the home.

1. Wall Trellis

Use cattle pen panels to create a vertical garden trellis on a wall in your garden.



2. Contemporary Trellis Screen

Assemble garden trellis screens using a fine wire screen sandwiched between two sections of cattle pen panel that are attached to steel posts.


Photo by: altereco.net

3. Garden Greenhouse

Build an inexpensive greenhouse using standard cattle pen panels, PVC pipe, and wood and other materials. Get the material list and instructions from Gardening Green.


Photo by: gardening-green.blogspot.com

4. Cattle Pen Panel Fencing

Create sturdy and attractive fencing using wood and cattle pen panels. The wood is drilled for the wire, and the wire is cut to size. Add wood caps to the posts for added decor.


Photo by: deckmastersnw.com

5. Chicken Tractor

Build a hoop style chicken coop or chicken tractor using galvanize step and cattle pen panels to form the hoop. This design is sturdy, yet easy for one person to move. View detailed instructional photos from raincreekpottery.com.


Photo by: raincreekpottery.com

6. Dog Run

Use cattle wire as fencing to make an attractive and affordable space for your dog to romp.


Photo by: Rose Peck

7. Shelter For Farm Animals

Make a quick shelter for farm animals using wooden pallets and cattle pen panels. For instructions, visit thefreerangelife.com.


Photo by: thefreerangelife.com

8. Cattle Pen Panels Moveable Goat Pen

Here’s an example of a moveable goat pen made from 16’x4’ cattle pen panels that are joined in the corners with rubber tarp straps.


Photo by: noble.org

9. Super-Sturdy Tomato Cage

Make your own square, ventricle tomato cages with these instruction from Rodale’s OrganicLife.


Photo by rodalesorganiclife.com

10. Rounded Garden Trellis

Add beauty to your garden with these arched trellises. Grow beautiful flowers or edibles. Plant seeds inside the archway and guide them to grow up the trellis to create full shade. In this photo, the gardener has loffah gourds growing in the front and cucumbers in the back.


Photo by: thinds.com

11. Triangular Garden Trellis


Photo by: Phil Windley via flickr

12. Squared Garden Trellis


Photo by: Chandra

13. Circular Garden Trellis

And another example where the cattle pen panels are pulled in more at the bottom to make the trellis more circular.


Photo by: rawfoodrehab.ning.com

14. Raised Bed Garden Trellis


Photo by: myurbanfarm.net

15. Balcony Trellis

A smaller trellis option for those space-challenged balcony farmers.


Photo by: lifeonthebalcony.com

16. Privacy Fencing


Photo by: Lauren Jolly Roberts

17. Gabion Retaining Wall

Use cattle pen panels to create custom gabon walls or gabon styled fencing.


Photo by: harrisonburgarchitect.wordpress.com

18. Never-Forget-Anything Clip Board

This photo shows how an old crib spring was used to create this board, but cattle panels easily could be used for this. This is a great way to display holiday cards, to pass memos and reminders to family members, and to organize an office.


Photo by: homeroad.net

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