18 Cool Homesteading Projects For Preparedness

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Do you want to add to your emergency skills? If you are a novice with survival skills, then you may want to look at some really basic, yet practical homesteading projects for preparedness.

A couple of really awesome homesteading projects for preparedness include building a rocket stove and making an Altoids tin survival kit, not to mention learning how to cook without an oven. Yet, there are several more great projects that might be just what you need.

We have complied a list of helpful homesteading projects for preparedness you can do at home. Are any of these perfect for you?

1. Egg Carton Dryer Lint Firestarters


photo by foodstorageandsurvival.com

Materials – dryer lint and egg cartons
Cost – very cheap
Difficulty – easy

2. Oil Lamp


photo by down—to—earth.blogspot.com

Materials – small mason jars, wicks, and oil
Cost – cheap
Difficulty – easy

3. Emergency Candle From Crisco


photo by snapguide.com

Materials – can of Crisco
Cost – cheap
Difficulty – easy

4. PVC Bow


photo by offthegridnews.com

Materials – pvc pipe, paracord or nylon cord
Cost – cheap
Difficulty – easy

5. DIY Rocket Stove


photo by diyready.com

Materials – two metal cans and aluminum flashing
Cost – cheap
Difficulty – easy

6. Paracord Survival Bracelet


photo by foodstorageandsurvival.com

Materials – high quality paracord
Cost – cheap
Difficulty – easy

7. Composting Toilet


photo by compostjunkie.com

Materials – plywood or OSB, a toilet seat, and nails or screws
Cost – cheap
Difficulty – easy

8. Homemade Survival Bars


photo by diyready.com

Ingredients – quick oats, powdered milk, sugar, Jello, water, and honey
Cost – cheap
Difficulty – easy

9. Solar USB Charger


photo by instructables.com

Materials –  solar lights, rechargeable AA batteries, USB port, electronic components
Cost – cheap to average
Difficulty – easy to somewhat hard

Do you need more homesteading projects for preparedness to do. We have a lot more listed below.

10. Cold Frame Gardening


photo by sunset.com

Materials – old storm windows, various lumber, and screws or nails
Cost – cheap
Difficulty – easy

11. DIY Knife Sharpening Kit


photo by diyready.com

Materials – high grit sandpaper, floor tiles, adhesive spray
Cost – cheap
Difficulty – easy

12. Wax Cheese for Long Term Storage


photo by perkypreppinggramma.blogspot.com

Materials –  double boiler, parchment paper, thermometer, bristle brush, cheese wax, and muslin 
Cost – cheap
Difficulty – easy

13. Bake Without an Oven


photo by homestead-honey.com

Materials – cast iron pot or dutch oven
Cost – cheap
Difficulty – easy

14. DIY Greenhouses


photo by diyready.com

Materials – 2×4 boards, nails or screws, and plastic sheeting
Cost – cheap to average
Difficulty – easy to moderate

15. Altoids Tin Survival Kit


photo by indefinitelywild.gizmodo.com

Materials – Altoids tin and survival items
Cost – cheap
Difficulty – easy

16. Homemade Vinegar


photo by floridahillbilly.com

Materials –  cheap wine, large jug, and apple cider vinegar
Cost –
Difficulty –

17. Wind Powered Water Pump


photo by instructables.com

Materials – bicycle wheel, gears, metal poles, and pvc pipes
Cost – average to expensive
Difficulty – moderate to hard

18. Homemade Medical Kits


photo by eatkamloops.org

Materials – plastic or metal container, plastic pill bottles, medical supplies
Cost – cheap
Difficulty – easy

Do you have any homesteading projects for preparedness to share? We are interested in seeing what you have done.

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