18 Brilliant Ways To Turn Old Furniture Into Toys

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A lot of people will get rid of old furniture when it is no longer needed or may be broken in some way. Old furniture is often made of wood and means it can be a source of materials for some DIY projects. There are many brilliant ways to turn old furniture into toys to use around the home.

1. Convert a thrift store nightstand into a kids workbench.


photo by thefrugalgranny.blogspot.com

2. Convert a chest of drawers into a custom dollhouse.


photo by turkeyfeathers.typepad.com

3. Build a custom play kitchen by using an old entertainment center.


photo by giggleberrycreations.blogspot.com

4. Create a custom kid’s diner from an old cabinet.


photo by ehow.com

5. Convert an old dresser or armoire into a costume closet for kids.

photo by ramblingrenovators.ca

photo by ramblingrenovators.ca

6. A changing table can easily be converted into a desk or as a stage kids to play with their toys.


photo by thriftdiving.com

7. A retro console Tv can be converted into a cabinet or to use as a stage for kids to perform puppet shows.


photo by funcycled.com

8. Thrift store rolling carts can be used to make a custom kid’s kitchen.


photo by smallfriendly.com

9. Turn an old computer table or nightstand into a kid’s workbench.


photo by diynetwork.com

10. Convert an old hutch or similar piece of furniture into a stage for puppet theater.


photo by twicelovely.com

11. Convert and end table into a kids LEGO table.


photo by fussymonkeybiz.blogspot.com

12. An old bookshelf can be used to make a custom dollhouse.


photo by tamarajewelry.wordpress.com

13. A cheap thrift store table can be used to make a play grill for kids.


photo by katescreativespace.com

14. Use the wood from a bunk bed to build a custom sandbox.


photo by danamadeit.com

15. Make a custom wagon from an old crib.


photo by tidbits-cami.com

16. Repurpose an old cabinet or just the doors into a table to use for lots of fun.


photo by myrepurposedlife.com

17. Reuse a couple of nightstand drawers to make a custom dollhouse.


photo by semiproper.com

18. Repurpose your old pallet furniture to make a custom playhouse.


photo by 1001pallets.com

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