18 Brilliant Ways To Repurpose Old Kitchen Items

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Old items in your kitchen that you may want to replace do not need to be thrown out in the trash. We are talking about vintage pans and utensils that can be used for making custom art or something practical. The ways to repurpose old kitchen items depends on what you have available.

Many items can be reused in many fun and interesting ways. Just look at some of the ways to repurpose old kitchen items you may have or can find at garage sales and thrift stores. This includes items like ladles, spoons, and cheese graters.

1. Make some custom wall lights or sconces.


photo by recyclart.org

2. Use some spoons as custom hooks for hats or coats.


photo by stroovi.com

3. Wine corks are perfect to display succulents.


photo by etsy.com

4. Make a custom garden planter or fairy garden.


photo by organizedclutter.net

5. A ladle can be used to make custom candle holders.


photo by julitawozny.com

6. How about a kitchen utensil chandelier?


photo by absolutebodo.com

7. Some old cheese graters can be repurposed as lamp shades.


photo by recyclart.org

8. Make a custom wind chime by using pieces of silverware.


photo by songbirdblog.com

9. A set of glasses can be used to make DIY pendant lights.


photo by inhabitat.com

10. Garden dishes can be used as boarders or edging in a garden.


photo by pinterest.com

11. Make custom candle holders from some old kitchen funnels.


photo by apartmenttherapy.com

12. Are you still looking for ways to repurpose old kitchen items? A muffin tin is perfect to use for small item organization.


photo by bhg.com

13. Create custom lights from some spoons and forks.


photo by mocoloco.com

14. Make a teacup candle holder by repurposing whisks from your kitchen.


photo by de.pinterest.com

15. Use a serving tray to make a chalkboard to do list.


photo by savedbylovecreations.com

16. Wooden spoons can be used to make towel bars.


photo by pinterest.com

17. Teacups can be used to organize jewelry.


photo by paigesmithdesigns.blogspot.com

18. Make a custom chandelier from used wine bottles.


photo by diynetwork.com

Do you have your own ways to repurpose old kitchen items at home. Show us what you have done by posting on our Facebook page.

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