18 Best Ways To Repurpose Glass Bottles And Jars

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Anyone who enjoys wine or does canning may have a few empty bottles. Jars can be used in a lot of ways and glass bottles can easily be recycled. However, there are also other ways to repurpose glass bottles and jars.

1. Pain old mason jars to make them look like pretty metallic jars.


photo by savedbylovecreations.com

2. A Jack Daniels bottle can be used to make a homemade soap dispenser.


photo by pinterest.com

3. Mason jars are perfect to use to make a hanging garden.


photo by decoratingyoursmallspace.com

4. Beer bottles are easy to convert into homemade vases for plants.


photo by designsponge.com

5. A fun way to use glass jars is to make your own votives or floating candles.


photo by emmalinebride.com

6. Used wine bottles are great to use to make your own wine bottle candles.


photo by hayeseveryday.com

7. Make your own 50 hour candles by using small glass bottles.


photo by pinterest.com

8. Build a homemade jig to cut wine bottles to use for DIY projects.


photo by lifehacker.com

9. Use glass bottles to make a serving tray for crackers and cheese.


photo by upcycled-wonders.com

10. A used liquor bottle can easily be converted into a homemade lamp.


photo by undomestic-goddess.com

11. Glass jars can also be used as a serving option for fresh salad.


photo by 5minutesformom.com

12. The tops you can cut off of wine bottles can be used to make garden decorations.


photo by pinterest.com

13. Glass jars are a great item to decorate as a homemade coin holder.


photo by pinterest.com

14. Painted wine bottles can be used as decorative candle holders.


photo by dvncollective.com

15. Cut a wine bottle to use to make a hanging pendant light.


photo by takeovertime.co

16. Wine bottles can be used to make homemade tiki torches.


photo by pinterest.com

17. Cut up a wine bottle and use the pieces to make a homemade wind chime.


photo by indulgy.com

18. Recycled bottles can be used to make an outside light or a chandelier.


photo by upcycled-wonders.com

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