18 Best Ways To Grow Food Indoors

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Growing your own food is a great way to be self-sufficient. You can easily do this by using methods for starting seeds and growing seedlings. One of the best ways to grow food indoors is to start an indoor herb garden.

1. Plants and herbs can easily be grown in a repurposed section of gutter mounted on a wall.


photo by 1001gardens.org

2. Use a pallet or scrap pieces of wood to build a modular planter.


photo by inhabitat.com

3. Herbs are easy to grow in a small or large flower pot.


photo by apartmenttherapy.com

4. A shelf or hanging garden is a great way to grow some tasty herbs and plants.


photo by kitcheners.com.au

5. A great way to grow plants and herbs is to use recessed serving dishes.


photo by houzz.com

6. Plant some herbs in small flower pots and put them on a wire rack in your bathroom.


photo by bhg.com

7. Build a box from scrap wood to mount on any wall in your home.


photo by houzz.com

8. Herbs and small plants can be grown in small pots in your kitchen.


photo by kikette-interiors.blogspot.com

9. Do you have some teacups or even a few coffee cups to make a DIY herbarium?


photo by bhg.com

10. A moveable cart is a great item to use to grow some herbs and tasty plants.


photo by sfgirlbybay.com

11. Build a vertical shelving unit to grow all your favorite herbs and plants.


photo by sousstyle.com

12. This lazy susan style planter is perfect for growing various types of plants.


photo by urbancomfort.typepad.com

13. Certain types of herbs and plants need to be in sufficient sunlight.


photo by stylemepretty.com

14. A great way to start an indoor herbs garden is to use hanging jars.


photo by itsy-bits-and-pieces.blogspot.com

15. This is an awesome idea to make a herb garden using a wine holder from Ikea.


photo by curbly.com

16. MaKe your own vintage planters from old metal boxes.


photo by http://pixel.brit.co/

17. A closet rod and some hooks are all you need to make your own hanging herb garden.


photo by shelterness.com

18. Mason jars can also be used to grow various herbs and small plants.


photo by camillestyles.com

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