18 Best Homemade Extracts For Cooking & Gift Giving

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Homemade extracts are a concentrated form of a fruit, bean, nut, herb, or plant and are used to add flavor to numerous recipes. They are superior to the many imitation extracts on the market because they are pure in form and contain no byproducts. Their purity enhances the flavor, making it a clear winner for novice and professional chefs alike.

Not only are homemade extracts the best choice for flavor quality, they also are simple and inexpensive to make, have a long shelf life, and look absolutely gorgeous in simple glass bottles. As such, they make excellent additions to any kitchen and are perfect for gift-giving.

1. Homemade Chocolate Extract (made with cacao beans)


photo by mommypotamus.com

2. Homemade Chocolate Extract (made with cocoa powder)

3. Homemade Hazelnut Extract (with vanilla bean)

4. Homemade Hazelnut Extract (without vanilla bean)

5. Homemade Vanilla Extract (perfect for baking)


photo by mommypostamus.com

6. Homemade Coconut Extract (non-alcoholic)

7. Homemade Coconut Extract (alcoholic version)

8. Homemade Strawberry Extract (simply amazing)

9. Homemade Raspberry Extract (perfect with ice cream)

10. Homemade Orange Extract (use when baking or in a tea)

11. Homemade Peppermint Extract (goes well with hot chocolate)


photo by wholenaturallife.com

12. Homemade Lime Extract (enhance any food with just a few drops)

13. Homemade Lavender Extract (get the benefits of an essential with this extract)

14. Homemade Lemon Extract (add a few drops to make a tasty lemon water)


photo by mommypotamus.com

15. Homemade Coffee Extract (this is really delicious with Bailey’s)

16. Homemade Almond Extract (ideal for baking)

17. Homemade Stevia Extract (use a natural sweetener

18. Homemade Chocolate Mint Extract (perfect with hot chocolate, ice cream, and in homemade peppermint patties)

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