18 Best Homemade Dog Food And Treat Recipes

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Making your own homemade dog food and treat recipes is a perfect way to save money while serving quality and nutritious ingredients. If you’re ready to make the change away from store-bought food for your beloved pooch, then the next step is to make a list of homemade dog food and treat recipes that you know your dog will love.

Make, refrigerate, freeze, and store as appropriate for ready-to-serve meals and treats.

1. These chicken dog biscuits will be a tasty treat for your pet and they only have three ingredients.


photo by bakeatmidnite.com

2. Here is a recipe to make some bacon cheddar dog treats.


photo by munchkinsandmilitary.com

3. How about a vegetable packed meal for your dog that also has turkey?


photo by munchkinsandmilitary.comdamndelicious.net

4. Use some leftover chicken to make some homemade chicken jerky for dogs.


photo by popsugar.com

5. This chili cheese bake recipe is easy to make for your pets and even people.


photo by life.barkpost.com

6. Here is a meatloaf recipe that is packed full of beef.


photo by petguide.com

7. Maybe some beef stew is what your dog would prefer.


photo by lifeatcloverhill.com

8. Are you someone who like to give your dog raw food to eat?


photo by homemadedogfood.com

9. Mix some rice, chicken, and eggs to make a tasty dog food.

photo by homemadedogfood.com

photo by homemadedogfood.com

10. Skip the main meal and giver your dog a chicken layer cake.


photo by wagthedoguk.com

11. Here is a recipe for dog food that has rice and ground beef.


photo by homemadedogfood.com

12. You know you want to make these bacon treats for your pet


photo by damndelicious.net

13. These no bake peanut butter dog treats are super easy to make.


photo by damndelicious.net

14. Here is a terrific recipe for homemade cookies for your dog.


photo by gardentherapy.ca

15. Do you know that you can make dog food in a slow cooker?

photo by pearlsandsportsbras.com

16. This homemade stew is a great option for make ahead dog food.


photo by skinnyms.com

17. How about some homemade dog chews that are made with all natural ingredients?


photo by happymoneysaver.com

18. You can even make dog treats with fresh vegetables from your garden.


photo by damndelicious.net

Do you have any nutritious homemade dog food and treat recipes to share?

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